It sounds simple enough:

  1. The insured patient sees a provider.
  2. The provider bills the payer.
  3. The payer writes a check to the provider.
What could possibly go wrong? Besides, well, everything?

Can you imagine inspecting every one of your healthcare claims for accuracy -- by hand?  We can't either. That's why we invented an intelligent analysis platform that reviews your healthcare claims at high-tech speed, so we can quickly identify errors and help you recover overpayments.

Healthcare claims in America is an imperfect science, contributing to the most expensive health system in the world.  ClaimReturn helps perfect the science, proactively and retroactively, to contain costs for health payers, including third-party administrators (TPAs), employers and group insurance carriers.

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Reclaim Bad Claims, Improve Margins


Medical Claims Analysis

Our advanced healthcare claims auditing system starts with best-in-class technology. Once suspect claims have been identified, our experienced team digs deeper.

Transparency & Reporting

ClaimReturn clients have real-time access to all the work we're doing on your behalf.  Simply login to see pending deposits and recovery estimates.

Accuracy & Recovery

Unlike others in the healthcare claims audit industry, we forge positive relationships with providers in the name of accuracy. We listen, we discuss and we resolve.

How we work together


You upload your claims file

In a matter of seconds, ClaimReturn's proprietary AI platform goes in search of errors and overpayments.

Tech is nothing without humans

Every flag that our platform sends up is individually inspected to get to the root of the problem.

We reconcile every claim

We won't contact a provider in your network until we're absolutely sure we've identified a problem.

We establish positive provider relationships

ClaimReturn protects your brand, your relationships and your provider contracts.

Reimbursements are deposited automatically

Our reporting platform makes it easy for you to keep watch over our work, your reimbursements and your return on investment.

How it works


“Very good review of health claims and our processing errors. Good details. Excellent follow-through. Great recoveries.”

“We have used ClaimReturn on two audits and we are scheduling our next with them in August.
Friendly, knowledgeable, professional & effective.”

"You and your team provided just what we needed. We had previously worked with others who just did not deliver. The ClaimReturn team identified our errors and efficiently processed revised explanation of benefits (EOBs) and made revenue happen."
"Exceptional Customer Service! Errors were found at a rate higher than expected. Training for our claims management was robust."
"ClaimReturn’s staff is easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable in both analytics and recovery. Process took very little of my staff time."

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