We've seen it all.

Some claims make no sense. Some would have actually endangered the patient.
We'll show you some of the most egregious (and expensive) examples when we get together for a demo. Until then, here's what a small sampling of ClaimReturn clients have to say about their recovery and savings.

More true stories...

Identified over $1,600,000 in overpaid claims associated with duplicate and inappropriately bundled services for an intensive care patient at a regional facility.
Identified and recovered over $1,100,000 of overpayments in the habitual billing by several anesthesia providers at reimbursement rates well above the established contractual rates.
Identified and recovered over $800,000 of claims that were continually billed by a nationwide infusion provider and paid in association with a J code that was no longer reimbursable.
"ClaimReturn’s Staff is easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable in both analytics and recovery. Process took very little of my staff time."
"Exceptional customer service! Errors were found at a rate higher than expected. Training for our claims management was robust."
"We have used other claim review services and now we will only use ClaimReturn."

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