What is your current Coordination of Benefits process?

With our team having extensive industry experience, ClaimReturn has added Coordination of Benefits review to our extensive product offering.

Coordination of Benefits (COB) helps determine who pays first when two or more health insurance plans are responsible for paying the same medical claim. COB can be conducted through the utilization of the same data feed ClaimReturn receives for its traditional retrospective review.

Having a partner providing COB reviews can lead to savings for the Health Plan, the Employer Group, and Members.

ClaimReturn’s process for Coordination of Benefits is innovative and unparalleled in the industry.

The ClaimReturn Coordination of Benefits Workflow:
Claim is processed and payment is made

Paid Claim Data is sent to ClaimReturn in the same process as it is now


ClaimReturn COB Team targets Member population most likely to have other insurance


Verification is made for other insurance, this is documented, and population is identified


Outreach is made to Employer Groups to verify employment status


Primacy Determinations are made and overpaid claims are flagged for recovery


ClaimReturn works with Providers to recover overpaid claims

What Can ClaimReturn Do for You?

As a trusted partner, ClaimReturn will provide services ranging from standard overpayment identification & recovery, to maintaining records to cut down on administrative waste related to Coordination of Benefits you may currently face.
Establish and manage Coordination of Benefits workflow, record keeping, and updates for your team.

Provide Coordination of Benefits updates for your internal system, Medicare’s Common Working File, and any Payer systems as needed – cutting back on significant administrative time currently spent.

Provide excellent customer service to any company contacts (internal or external) that play a role in maintaining Coordination of Benefits.

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