Exhaustive, Transparent, Accurate.

Claim AI – the core processor that saves our clients millions of dollars every month – sees everything.

“Artificial intelligence” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s only intelligent because we teach it.

At ClaimReturn, the “we” is a few dozen health industry insiders who have experience at both the point of care and payer operations. We have been there, done that; and our expertise helps to inform a lightning-fast platform that sets aside suspicious claims for our review.

And we do. We review each potential trouble spot and do our homework before engaging providers. And when we do, we do so with the utmost professionalism, because we would never do anything to damage your relationships, contracts, or your brand.


Drive The Cost Of Healthcare Down

ClaimReturn is the game changer. A payment integrity solution for payers, that want to maximize over-payment recovery, reduce improper payment waste, and promote post-payment medical claims review satisfaction.

High Medical Costs

ClaimReturn has found that the cost of medical services to companies is high partly due to improperly paid medical claims. We work with providers, carriers, and municipalities to restore medical claims payments and pricing integrity. It is just that simple.

Our Mission

ClaimReturn delivers the nation’s most experienced team of industry professionals, partnering with employers, third party administrators, medical providers, health systems, and insurance carriers. We use a uniquely collaborative approach using today’s most advanced technologies to review plans, payments, protocols, policies, and procedures for compliance with state and federal laws, current industry standards and existing contractual agreements.


ClaimReturn is your ally to reduce your medical costs, improve pricing integrity and recover the funds that need not be paid. Let us show you how to reduce your claims payments and reduce exposure to claims being paid twice, or outside of government standard.

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